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--- Comment #21 from Genisim <genisim at yahoo.com>  2011-08-13 10:33:01 PST ---
qt5 is installed.
pure webkit2 from qt5 package build and runs

Patch for WebInspector for WebKit2 based on Qt4.7 ported for 
WebKit2 based on Qt 5

Major changes:
   QGraphicsWidget replaced by QSGPaintedItem
   QGraphicsView replaced by QSGView
   QGraphicsScene not using

And got follow problems:
   for WebInspector created new QSGView (instead of QGraphicsScene and 
   QGraphivsView, and tried add / append WebInspector QSGPaintedItem 
   (new qdesktopwebview) to this QSGView. No success

In previous Qt 4.7 version it was easy - using QGraphicsScene, QGraphicsView
add created WebInspectors QGraphicsItem on QGraphicsScene.

I tried (just for test) use WebInspector URL when created QSGView and
(was expected) QSGView works with .qml not .html pages, but WebInspector UI is 
.html page

I think we have two options:
  1. convert QSGPaintedItem to QGraphicsItem and use QGraphicsView and
     QGraphicsScene and .html WebInspector UI (use WebInspector patch 
     for Qt4.7)

  2. or start BIG port includes .html to .qml , and ... (not sure what else
     must be port)

I prefer #1. Please comments, suggestions. 
  Any solution to get from QSGPaitingItem QGraphicsItem ?

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