[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 66056] The XML parser doesn't ignore user's encoding choice for XML files

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--- Comment #5 from Leif Halvard Silli <xn--mlform-iua at xn--mlform-iua.no>  2011-08-11 14:30:37 PST ---
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> Thank you for the clarification. There is no way we would ignore explicit user request to force a specific encoding via menu. That would just make no sense.

* So do you prefer to break with the XML specification? 

* You do not speak to the facts: WebkitI *do* accept that it is impossible to override explicit user requests: when XML (or HTML) document includes  is a  BOM, then it *is* impossible.  (See bug 66084 and bug 66085, which mentions this behaviour). And the menus is not grayed out when this happens - it simply has no effect.

> If you want the encoding menu to be unavailable for XML documents, that's something that can be considered

Usually, on the Macintosh at least, when a menu is "unavailable", it is grayed out, to signal that it has no effect. Is that what you mean?

For the record, FIrefox does, for XML, ignore the explicit user requests to force a specific encoidng via the menu. It does not gray anthying out - it just has no effect. (But I would not mind if it was grayed out, of course.)

> (although personally, I'm not enthusiastic about that).

Why are you not enthusiastic? Is it because you disagree with XML 1.0? Or is there some other reason? Please note that XML is supposed to have "draconian error handling", but that this bug makes the error handling less draconian. Do you want XML to be less draconian? 

>  Given the degree of specificity in the bugs you've filed, I think that it would be better to file a separate bug about that.

Is it the thing that when there is a menu that lets the user choose something, then it should have effect - is that your issue? Is that why you say stamp it as INVALID?

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