[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 65277] Provide flexible (in terms of position relative to space) logical word breaker to improve performance of --webkit-visual-word

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Mon Aug 8 17:49:03 PDT 2011


--- Comment #9 from Van Lam <vanlam at google.com>  2011-08-08 17:49:03 PST ---
Hi Ryosuke. There is a strong performance improvement with this change. If you consider visual word movement code as doing either:

1) getting the next/previous word break within a box
2) collecting *all* the word breaks in a box using (1) and choosing the correct next word break

This patch essentially makes the need for (2) much less frequent. Right now, if we have:
|abc |def ... |xyz| (LTR context)
for every word movement we'd collect every word break in the box. Now with this patch, we just get the correct next/previous word break in time proportional to the length of the next word (as opposed to the length of the entire box).

I'll submit profiling results in a few.

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