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> > I am still concerned that this API is badly thought out.  It seems very complex for very little gain, and generally seems to be a solution for a problem that has not yet been demonstrated to occur in the real world.
> Which api? The js api or the C++ one.
> The js api has been discussed a lot here: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-webapps/2011AprJun/0304.html

The DOM API.  My problem is it seems to have added a new and exciting form of message passing, and its API conflicts with the existing API as well (you have an array parameters that can seemingly be either an array of transferable values, and array of message ports to send the message to, or an arbitrary combination of the two)

> As far as usefulness, one potential example is in web gl implementations which may create 1m ArrayBuffers in workers and send them to the Document for rendering. Here's a demo https://cvs.khronos.org/svn/repos/registry/trunk/public/webgl/sdk/demos/google/nvidia-vertex-buffer-object/index.html While this isn't a real world example, it is something which is representative of a the types of things real world apps of this sort would like to do.

On the other hand use cases that people have come up with in the past (drawing on a worker thread to avoid blocking the main thread) were thrown out because they added complexity, and there weren't obvious signs of people wanting the ability prior to that.

I think at minimum any implementation of this API should be prefixed.

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