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--- Comment #10 from Tim Larson <telarson at west.com>  2011-08-01 06:54:19 PST ---
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> (In reply to comment #8)
> That's exactly what I am saying we should do.
> The only place a property like this really makes any sense on the designer's side is in an @font-face declaration, where it ought to be called something different anyway:
> font-family: UnusualFont, Times, serif;
> @font-face {
>     font-family: UnusualFont;
>     aspect-ratio: 0.4;
>     // note no src property
> }
> Then the UA can add UnusualFont's aspect to it's table.
> I think anyone willing to use f-s-a could be persuaded to use this instead. f-s-a as a designer-settable property should be dropped entirely.

Upon rereading your earlier post, I see that we seem to have been saying essentially the same thing in different ways, but I'd missed it.  The key phrase is "What font-size-adjust really does is define a characteristic of the typeface the author wanted to use."  You're right: this should be defined in the @font-face description.

It would be ideal, IMHO, for this database of font info to be independently maintained somewhere online so that the benefit could go beyond Webkit.  The database could grow as font authors register their information in it.  Perhaps a dozen or two fonts common at the time the UA was compiled could be built in, it could pull another hundred or two fonts common at the time of usage from the database, and other fonts encountered (without author-supplied descriptions) could be looked up in it as necessary.  The DB should be replicated by any implementing UA vendor so there's no single point of failure.

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