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--- Comment #3 from Mihai Parparita <mihaip at chromium.org>  2011-04-05 19:00:09 PST ---
Attached is the initial skeleton for this. It has a picker for letting you choose which builder group and builder to act on: http://rebaseline-queue.appspot.com/add

As well as a URL for listing the tests for a bot directly: http://rebaseline-queue.appspot.com/builder/GPU%20XP%20Tests%20-%20GPU/queue/add

You can see what's already been queued for a bot: http://rebaseline-queue.appspot.com/builder/GPU%20XP%20Tests%20-%20GPU/queue (also as JSON: http://rebaseline-queue.appspot.com/builder/GPU%20XP%20Tests%20-%20GPU/queue/json)

There's also the add/remove POST handlers too.

(In reply to comment #1)
> It would be nice if there was an "record as failure" button too that updated test_expectations.txt.

Perhaps the best way to accomodate something like this is to add an "action" field to QueueEntry. For the GPU case, it would be "rebaseline", for your case it would be "recordfailure." Different bots can then pull different actions from a bot's queue.

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