[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 57729] Minimalistic QT / webkit application crashes often for facebook applications.

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> Unable to reproduce this problem with latest code from trunk on Linux platform. How frequent is the crash? I have tried about 8 times.

This is strange it might be, that Facebook changed their contents.
With the description given in this bug report I tried 7 times and could not make it crash. normally it crashed every two to four times.

On the other hand I could crash the same unmodified example code 7 times out of 7 attempts with a slightly modified sequence.

The slightly modified sequence is:

1.) start the application
2.) wait a few seconds (till the login form is displayed in the middle of the screen.
2,) enter emailaddress and password.
3,) wait till the facebook application shows up.
4.) Move the mouse from the top left of the screen to the right until you see the mouse over text 'messages' 
5.) click now on messages. You should now see the messages tear-down menu
6.) click on the bottom of this menu on 'See All Messages'
7.) shortly after the application should segfault

So far this is 100% reproducable with my version of Qt / Webkit.

Could you please tell me how I can determine the webkit version used by my qt library / PyQT setup? Ar there any functions / header file constants indicating the version?

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