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> (In reply to comment #83)
> > WebKit in general has a rule of never allowing performance regressions, even if new features are being added. I think it makes sense to enforce this rule in our port too.
> But presumably that means "measured performance regressions", not "theoretical performance regressions". And one would hope that caching is going to increase performance by much more than an extra copy is going to decrease it... :)
> > If this is going to go away in the future and there's really no reasonably easy to avoid it
> Duh, now that you mention it, there's an API designed exactly for avoiding this extra copy... soup_message_set_chunk_allocator() (added for the gstreamer guys when they were porting their http stream to use libsoup). SoupHTTPInputStream could be modified to use this to get libsoup to read directly into the buffers provided by webkit.

Unfortunately I don't think that will fix anything. First of all because I think the chunk_allocator thing it's not properly implemented in libsoup, because the SoupBuffer (and its data pointer) that comes with the got_chunk signal is not the same than the one returned by the allocator. That's because the decoding routines create a different buffer for each decoder.

Secondly, even if we fix the problem stated above, we'd still have to copy the data returned by the decoders to the caller's buffer (soup_coding_apply_into wouldn't fix anything as input and output buffers must not overlap)

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