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Fri Sep 24 11:40:00 PDT 2010


--- Comment #78 from Dan Winship <danw at gnome.org>  2010-09-24 11:40:00 PST ---
(In reply to comment #76)
> So, if I understand correctly, to avoid a regression we'll either need to:
> 1. Re-implement this logic in WebKit GTK+ for older soup versions.
> 2. Wait to land this until you release a new version of soup with this fix and then depend on that.

Yes. For #1, you could make soup-request-file.c use KURL.h's decodeURLEscapeSequences() instead of soup_uri_decode(), assuming it's not too obnoxious to call that from C...

For #2, it will be in libsoup 2.32.1. Are you planning to try to get this in for GNOME 2.32.0 still? I'm pretty sure it's too late to bump external dependency versions at this point...

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