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--- Comment #12 from Gabor Loki <loki at webkit.org>  2010-09-20 03:41:22 PST ---
> if the constant pool  is dumped we have to store the real offset, otherwise we have to  put the correct offset in the vector.
> but I don't have a way to know if the constant is dumped or no.

Well, I have take a short look into the SH4 instruction set.
So, you use mov.l @(disp,PC), Rn to load an address to a register, don't you?
Why don't you patch the instruction in case of not dumped offset (or a dumped one)?

For example:
You can use mov.w @(disp,PC), Rn instead of mov.l until the CP is dumped. Using mov.w is safe, the load16 should not be used to load a pointer to jump on. During the dump you can still patch the instruction to mov.l.

Just check your code! The void movw_mr(int offset, RegisterID base, RegisterID dst) currently is an unused function. So, there is a bit to flip. :)

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