[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 45188] Setting innerHTML to a video element does not respect autoplay

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--- Comment #5 from Victoria <vrk at google.com>  2010-09-15 14:16:14 PST ---
Hi Eric!

(In reply to comment #4)
> What actually happens to prevent autoplay from happening? Is the problem that m_player is NULL so we call scheduleLoad?

Short version: When HTMLMediaElement::setReadyState(HAVE_ENOUGH_DATA) is called, the play event for an autoplaying video will trigger if the condition m_autoplaying && m_paused && autoplay() is true. When a video element is injected via setInnerHTML, m_autoplaying is false here.

Long version: So this is my understanding of what's happening:

- When setInnerHTML is called, the HTML element calls createFragmentFromSource, which parses the innerHTML and builds the tree fragment representing it. 

- The way this works is, a DocumentFragment is created that will hold the final fragment tree, but the HTMLTreeBuilder stores in work-in-progress tree in m_dummyDocumentForFragmentParsing. Then when the dummy tree is completely built, the contents of the dummy document is transferred to the DocumentFragment in a the call m_fragment->takeAllChildrenFrom(root); (from HTMLTreeBuilder::FragmentParsingContext::finished()).

- When takeAllChildrenFrom(root) is called, HTMLMediaElement::removedFromDocument() is called, and because m_networkState is set to NETWORK_NO_SOURCE, pause() is also called. (Before your change, at this point m_networkState would be set to NETWORK_EMPTY and pause() would *not* be called.)

- When pause() --> pauseInternal() is called, m_autoplaying is set from true (default value) to false.

- Now when setReadyState(HAVE_ENOUGH_DATA) is called, m_autoplaying is false so the playEvent is never scheduled.

Aaand there's where I'm at! It seems like the problem is m_autoplaying is false when it should be true, but I don't know where exactly the state goes wrong (i.e. should m_autoplaying be left alone in the pause() method? should it be reset to true again somewhere? etc. My guess was that perhaps pause() shouldn't have been called at all-- turns out my guess was wrong :) ) 


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