[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 41423] spelling underline gets lost on backspace

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Tue Sep 7 21:05:03 PDT 2010


--- Comment #17 from MORITA Hajime <morrita at google.com>  2010-09-07 21:05:03 PST ---
Hi Tony, thank you for reviewing!

> Can you add some more test cases?  I think the current test works without this patch because the cursor is on "Secand" so the word gets checked when you move the cursor off of it.  For example, you could also test ForwardDelete or test having multiple misspelled words on the second line.
Oops. The test doesn't make sense as you mentioned.
I refreshed with 2 test cases, one for "Delete" and another for "DeleteForward" 
Both fail without the change.

> Out of curiosity, what happens if you don't remove the markers?  What is the benefit of removing the markers?

There would be no observable difference.
Markers are hold in the Document object using a hash map, 
and nobody cleanup the map entry even after the DOM node is gone.
I think it is a kind of a leak.
Although memory  for marked-deleted node goes back to the system 
when once Document is deleted, it stays in WebCore during the document is alive.

> > diff --git a/WebCore/editing/Editor.h b/WebCore/editing/Editor.h
> > +    // Invoked from CompositeEditCommand::moveParagraphs()
> > +    void removeMarkersBeforeMovingParagrah(const VisibleSelection&);
> > +    void markMisspellingsAfterMovingParagrah(const VisibleSelection&);
> Did you mean to rename these to what Ojan suggested?  r- because of this, but will be happy to r+ with the methods renamed.
Fixed. I'm sorry for missing it.

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