[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 39672] Make sure skia is not Chromium specific

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--- Comment #13 from Kwang Yul Seo <kwangyul.seo at gmail.com>  2010-09-06 14:38:01 PST ---
> After looking at it a bit, it seems as if this is not quite as clean as I thought.  It seems that skia/ext depends on some things in chromium/base.  So the first job would be to get rid of those dependencies.  This will require some knowledge of the chromium project, and some ideas of how to replace those dependencies (I don't have all the answers here).
> After that, it would be a matter of reformatting the code to be more skia-friendly (getting rid of chrome-specific relative paths, for example), and then creating a patch for Skia to add the content of the (new) /ext directory, and uploading it to codereview.appspot.com for review.

I will build Chromium and will do the job as you suggested. 

There are other patches not related to skia/ext such as moving FontCustomPlatformData to platform/skia. I will submit those patches first.

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