[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 44969] Track the right gesture state during the asynchronous form submission.

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--- Comment #11 from Johnny Ding <jnd at chromium.org>  2010-09-02 06:38:03 PST ---
(In reply to comment #10)
Thanks, Adam! Please see my inline comments.

> Is fast/events/popup-blocked-to-post-blank.html test currently failing?  If so, do we need to remove it from the Skipped list?  If not, then it doesn't seem to cover this change.
At now fast/events/popup-blocked-to-post-blank.html is not failed in WebKit layout test, and I think it does cover this issue, which is to check whether the form submission issued popup window can bypass popup blocker or not. 
AFAIK this test is not in any skip lists, we can still keep it. (Please correct me if I was wrong).
But since Chromium's popup feature is implemented in another way (judgement in  embedder), this test can not cover the same issue in Chromium. I will add a Chromium test once this patch is landed and taken by Chromium.
Does that make sense?

> This comment is not needed. Instead, we should have a test that breaks if you remove this line.
Yes, you are right!
The reason to add this comment is because the line looks like useless if someone is not familiar with the context. I want to remind him/her.
However removing it does not break WebKit, but does break Chromium. so a chromium test case to address this issue is definitely necessary. Like I said in above. I will add that test in chromium.
Of course, I will drop this comment in new patch.

> Why do we use  m_frame->loader()->isProcessingUserGesture() here but UserGestureIndicator::processingUserGesture() two lines above?

The reason to use m_frame->loader()->isProcessingUserGesture() is because that call can cover all scenarios of user gesture, but UserGestureIndicator::processingUserGesture() does not.
FrameLoader::isProcessingUserGesture() can handle right gesture state in the scenario of form submission when javascript is disabled, can handle right gesture state in the scenario of form submission via href="javascript:form.submit()", can handle right gesture state in the scenario of form submission inside gesture event or non-gesture event (See Event::fromUserGesture).
Why the code in two lines above used serGestureIndicator::processingUserGesture(). To be honest, I don't know, but I 'd like to change it to use FrameLoader::isProcessingUserGesture().
Any comments?

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