[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 47498] Crash while processing ill-formed SVG with cycles.

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--- Comment #11 from Nikolas Zimmermann <zimmermann at kde.org>  2010-10-15 02:41:03 PST ---
Okay, it's quite easy to fix:

Let's check the specs content model (only showing relevant text elements now):

<text> may contain: 'a', ‘altGlyph’, ‘textPath’, ‘tref’, ‘tspan’
<tspan> may contain: 'a', 'altGlyph', 'tref', 'tspan'
<tref> may contain: nothing
<textPath> may contain: 'a', 'tref', 'tspan'
<altGlyph> may contain: any element or character data

"SVGTextElement::childShouldCreateRenderer(Node* node) const" has to be added, which checks
wheter the passed in node tagName is 'a', 'altGlyph', 'textPath', 'tref', 'tspan'. These are the only children which are supposed to create renderers within a <text> subtree. The same should be added for SVGTSpanElement, checking for 'a', 'altGlyph', 'tref' and 'tspan', and SVGTextPathElement, checking for 'a', 'tref' and 'tspan'.

This way we assure only the right elements create renderers within a <text> subtree.

The second step to solve the problem is to add "bool rendererIsNeeded(RenderStyle*)" methods to SVGTSpanElement, SVGTRefElement and SVGTextPathElement, that check wheter the _parentNode()_ has the right tag name. (see SVGGElement::rendererIsNeeded as example).

SVGTSpanElement needs to check wheter its parent is 'textPath' or 'text' or 'tspan' or 'altGlyph'.
SVGTRefElement needs to check wheter its parent is 'textPath' or 'text' or 'tspan' or 'altGlyph'.
SVGTextPathElement needs to check wheter its parent is 'text'.

This will get rid of the assertion that you see. Combined with your attached test, this will solve the problem completly.

Good luck! :-)

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