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--- Comment #11 from Tony Gentilcore <tonyg at chromium.org>  2010-10-07 08:45:50 PST ---
> I wasn't sure about the order that for...in produces and how consistent that'd be over time. I see that the navigate-within-doc test has the same issue. How about sorting the keys before comparing them? That way it's easy to know what change to make to the -expected.txt files instead of trial and error.

Yep, sorting sounds like a good idea. The fast/dom/Window/window-properties-* tests do that I believe.

> Nice catch on these. This test always fails though. It looks like WebKit doesn't run the deferred scripts at the right time. They're run after the DOMContentLoaded event fires. It looks like an oversight. So, I left this test case out. Would it be better to check it in, but have it expect to fail?

Are you sure about that? These tests seem to show defer before DOMContentLoaded. Perhaps they have a bug?

I would like to get this final point figured out before landing this even if it does turn out to be a bug for a separate patch.

(In reply to comment #9)
> The ChangeLog entries are in the middle of the files instead of the top.

If that isn't happening automatically, you may need to:
$ git config merge.changelog.driver "resolve-ChangeLogs --merge-driver %O %A %B"

Details: http://trac.webkit.org/wiki/UsingGitWithWebKit

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