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--- Comment #3 from Philippe Normand <pnormand at igalia.com>  2010-11-23 03:42:20 PST ---
So after some investigation on this issue, the previous mute/volume notifications we got from PulseAudio were not going up to the MediaPlayer (and HTMLMediaElement). The one-shot Timers used to do so were simply never fired.

It seems that the loop processing the Timers in ThreadTimers.cpp is in some cases triggered too late for the one-shot-now (startOneShot(0)) Timers and thus they are ignored. This whole code relying on currentTime() value is quite fragile IMHO.

I tried to replace the Timer class implementation with a new implementation using g_timeout and skipping the ThreadTimers processing but then some tests started to fail, I could fix some but not all, so for now I decided to add that TimerGlib standalone implementation and keep the Timer one.

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