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> we wouldn't face the horrible choice between user experience and compatibility with other browsers. 

First, let me quote what Firefox does:

True: Force broken images' alt text to be displayed inline
False (default): Show an icon if rendering in Quirks Mode and there is no alt text, or if rendering in Quirks Mode and the image has a size specified. 

This means that, in web standards compliant rendering mode (CSS1Compat), the alt text will be displayed inline, therefore will use/occupy as much space as required by the alt text.

<img src="../GRAPHICS/PNG/Safari.png" alt="Safari" height="31" width="31">
Alt text "Safari" requires more than 31px of width to be displayed.

Second, please do not do, do not follow what IE6, IE7 and IE8 does or how IE6/7/8 deals with alt text for unfetched images. I filed 2 bugs [1] on this and, as far as I know, they did nothing (a "donut" zero) in IE9.  
When "Show pictures" checkbox is intentionally unchecked in the advanced prefs setting by the user in IE6/7/8 and when the user checks "Always expand ALT text for images" checkbox in the advanced prefs setting in IE6/7/8, then, and only then, the alt text is displayed inline.

[1]: http://www.gtalbot.org/BrowserBugsSection/MSIE8Bugs/#bug29 , 

The best, safest and sound policy IMO would be to strictly follow UAAG guidelines and recommendations; I think you never can be wrong if/when a browser carefully follows UAAG guidelines (spirit, letter, checkpoints). 

regards, Gérard

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