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--- Comment #21 from Adam Roben (aroben) <aroben at apple.com>  2010-11-11 07:02:17 PST ---
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> It looks like the Cairo-specific FontPlatformData.h is overwriting the CG-specific one that we use on Windows.

Here's a little more context:

The WebCoreGenerated project copies WebCore's headers into $WebKitOutputDir, where they are picked up by other projects (specifically, WebKit). It copies headers from a bunch of different directories. Here are the lines that are relevant to the build failure:

xcopy /y /d "%ProjectDir%..\platform\graphics\*.h" "%WebKitOutputDir%\include\WebCore"
xcopy /y /d "%ProjectDir%..\platform\graphics\%1\*.h" "%WebKitOutputDir%\include\WebCore"
xcopy /y /d "%ProjectDir%..\platform\graphics\transforms\*.h" "%WebKitOutputDir%\include\WebCore"
xcopy /y /d "%ProjectDir%..\platform\graphics\win\*.h" "%WebKitOutputDir%\include\WebCore"

%1 is either "cairo" or "cg", depending on which configuration is being built.

So you can see that cairo/cg headers are copied first, then win headers are copied later. If the header names conflict, whichever header is newer will win (thanks to the /d flag). This patch made the Cairo-specific win/FontPlatformData.h header newer than the CG-specific one.

It seems wrong for a Cairo-specific file to be sitting in win/ without any mention of "cairo" in its name. Maybe it should be in a new win/cairo directory, or cairo/win?

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