[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 48877] WebGL isFoo() tests fail in Safari

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> > Because WebGL tries to track OpenGL behavior, I think that the conformance test should bind the objects it creates appropriately before making the is* queries. Adrienne, can you take care of this in the Khronos repo and pull the test down to the WebKit layout tests?
> I'm not sure I follow.  The above posted test was an example, that's not part of any existing test in the Khronos repository.

Ah. I thought this was one of the conformance tests in the Khronos repo.

> If you're asking that we fix the command buffer to follow this behavior and then add a test verifying that calling isBuffer on a non-bound buffer returns false, then I agree.

To be precise, a buffer that has never been bound. Once the name is bound, it becomes a buffer object. My thought is that we could add a test that allocates each type of object, binds / unbinds it once, and verifies that is* returns true for the object. We can add the test verifying that is* returns false before the object is bound once the command buffer code is fixed.

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