[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 48795] [Chromium] REGRESSION(r70552): DumpRenderTree never exits.

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Tue Nov 2 21:36:18 PDT 2010


--- Comment #9 from Victoria Kirst <vrk at google.com>  2010-11-02 21:36:17 PST ---
> I ran the entire test set: new-run-webkit-tests --chromium --use-drt

OK, that did it! Thanks!

Here's what I've seen so far: It looks like the tests that fail are video-play-stall.html, video-play-stall-seek.html, and video-seekable-stall.html. But the bug is not 100% consistently reproduced (probably more like 75%?) and DumpRenderTree.exe occasionally exits cleanly, which explains why there are 2-3 processes orphaned at the end of running the entire test suite instead of an exact number.

I'll try to run it with the Debug build tomorrow to get a stack trace and pinpoint exactly what's causing the problem.

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