[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 11331] Selecting all of a list's items and deleting doesn't always delete the list

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--- Comment #2 from Tony Chang (Google) <tony at chromium.org>  2010-03-04 23:10:43 PST ---
A couple observations:
- WebKit currently only deletes what you can select.  You can only select a
region based on where you can place a cursor.  Since you can't place a cursor
before the first list item, you can't delete it by selecting it.
- In Firefox, if I only have a single list item, I end up with the same
problem.  Since I can't select outside the list item, I can only delete text
within the list item.  I can however use Select All to select and remove the
- In Firefox, it seems to special case deleting more than one list item at a
time.  If I'm deleting 2+ list items and all the text is being removed, the
bullet is also removed.
- In IE, I can't seem to select before the first list item, so I can't delete
it in IE either.  Ctrl+A does work and allows me to delete the whole document. 
IE does not special case the deleting of 2+ list items that Firefox does.

In conclusion, I think this is working as expected.  Firefox is the only
browser that seems to allow selecting and deleting the first bullet, and it's
only in some cases.  perhaps Select All should work, but I think that'll be
tricky since selections in webkit are based on visible positions and there's no
way to get the cursor before the first list item.

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