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--- Comment #33 from Dave McCaldon <davem at intersys.com>  2010-03-03 13:19:09 PST ---
Let's try to answer these then:

Q) What other browsers support EXSLT?
A) Firefox 3.0 seems to support most of EXSLT:
https://developer.mozilla.org/En/EXSLT, obviously Safari and Chrome are limited
by Webkit support (or lack of). IE and Opera don't seem to support anything
other than node-set.

Q) Is EXSLT relatively stable as a spec and implementation?
A) It seems so, the most recent exslt update I can find on exslt.org is Oct
14th 2003!

Q) Is libexslt a high-quality implementation that is reasonably robust?
A) Hard to answer, but it seems so for the set of functions I've used (via
Todd's XSLMate plugin for TextMate).

Q) Does registering exslt have an effect on other clients in-process who are
also using libxslt?
A) Again, hard to answer, but since EXSLT functions exist in their own set of
namespaces, probably not.

For the last two questions, it seems that only going ahead with a complete
EXSLT and then testing it will determine the answers.

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