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--- Comment #6 from benjie at lablife.org  2010-03-16 09:49:45 PST ---
I've added some more examples. 

It's very easy to reproduce, at least some form of the bug.

First, untar the bug.tgz file

Scenario 1

1. In your Safari or Chrome, load x_bug.html
2. Don't submit anything, just click on the Next Page link
3. Click Back button
4. You will see that the first form now has field values from the second form

The interesting thing is that if you remove the "autocomplete=off" from
x_bug.html, the problem goes away.

Scenario 2

1. cp x0_bug.html z.html
2. In your Safari or Chrome, load z.html
3. Click on "First Form Submit" button
4. cp x1_bug.html z.html
5. In browser, click on Back button
6. You will see that the new page in the browser, the page source and inspect
element return different results. The page suppose to show form control from
2nd form from x1_bug.html, but instead it got old values from x0_bug.html.

Scenario 2 happens a lot on our website: we have a form, people submit the
form, redirected to some other page, hours later the user's login session
expires, user hits back button, and got a slightly different page, but the
forms on the page are all messed up.

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