[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 31097] <FORM> sends the form-data to the URL specified in "action" only once.

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--- Comment #26 from Alexey Proskuryakov <ap at webkit.org>  2010-03-12 08:45:03 PST ---
Just as a historical reference, multiple form submission protection has been
implemented in the early days of WebKit to fix a particular important site that
complained about the user being already logged in. Information in the bug is
incomplete, and it's not clear if the change was in fact the best way to fix
the problem. There are signs that it was working around some issue with
keyboard event handling which made WebKit submit a form twice when a user
pressed Enter, as opposed to clicking.

I used to think that multiple form submission was meant to protect against
POSTing forms twice when someone double clicks a button (which many users
actually do). But it turns out that this wasn't the original motivation for
adding the code.

I think that the difference between WebKit and Firefox is captured in bug
13012. Firefox seems to protect against multiple form submission implicitly by
replacing a pending submission with a new one.

See also bug 33513, bug 34315, bug 4847, bug 13011, bug 13012, bug 11420, bug
16886, bug 16930. Most of these can probably be fixed with a single check-in,
but I hesitated to resolve any as duplicates so far.

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