[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 35854] "Nightly builds of WebKit are not supported on Mac OS X 10.5 at this time" message when attempting to install latest nightly

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Tue Mar 9 01:05:01 PST 2010


--- Comment #3 from Mark Rowe (bdash) <mrowe at apple.com>  2010-03-09 01:05:01 PST ---
I tested a few different uncommon error scenarios to verify that the updater
bailed out with an error rather than resulting in a corrupt build:
* Applying an incomplete patch update
* Applying a patch update with insufficient disk space to construct the full
* Applying a patch to a source build that had been modified.

These all behaved as expected.

> Nope -- I just checked it and I see nothing at all in there from either Safari
or Webkit anywhere around the time I auto-updated.

That’s really surprising.  The patch-based updater in the nightly builds logs
its progress to stderr, which is routed to the system console.  A typical
update will print messages like the following to the console:

Verifying source...  
Copying files...  
Verifying destination...  

If there’s really no output here then I’m not entirely sure how to investigate
this further.

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