[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 35795] [Qt] Initial Orbit support in Qt WebKit

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--- Comment #13 from Simon Hausmann <hausmann at webkit.org>  2010-03-06 23:45:14 PST ---
I'm still sceptical that we should solve this problem with a hard dependency to
Orbit. Right now the build order of the software stack is: Qt, WebKit, Orbit.
In fact right now Orbit has a dependency to QtWebKit.

We're looking at the styling of buttons, lineedits and the handling of popups.
Especially for the latter the Maemo 5 team has demonstrated nicely that this
can and should be solved within Qt, not above. The appearance of buttons and
lineedits can be addressed using a Qt style.

If that Qt style really _needs_ to link against Orbit for some reason, then
Orbit can provide that style and the Qt style plugin mechanism can handle it.

However I don't think at this point it makes sense for QtWebKit to link against
a library further up in the software stack.

If we don't solve this with a QStyle then we can still think about introducing
a plugin interface inside of WebKit for this purpose, but I think that should
remain a last resort.

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