[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 35407] [chromium] add ability to activate the focused node in a WebView

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Fri Mar 5 16:42:56 PST 2010


--- Comment #16 from Darin Fisher (:fishd, Google) <fishd at chromium.org>  2010-03-05 16:42:55 PST ---
> I've done as you said, but along the way I noticed that WebViewImpl has a
> function called focusedWebCoreNode() which is not part of the API. It's
> implementation is exactly as you suggested (it acts on the document of the
> focused framE). It would thus be easy (and possibly more convenient for users
> of the API) to expose this function as part of the API.

Yeah, there's a balance between convenience and minimalism.  I tend to favor
having the API provide the more basic building blocks, and then leave it up to
the embedder to write helper functions to make things more convenient.  That
way the interfaces are simpler and easier to maintain.  This case is pretty

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