[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 40278] [EFL] EFLWebKit doesn't support viewport meta tag

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--- Comment #13 from Gyuyoung Kim <gyuyoung.kim at samsung.com>  2010-06-10 07:05:58 PST ---
Hi, Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri and Jesus Sanchez-Palencia, Thank you for your advice.

I also have considered the problems Gustavo mentioned. Temporarily, I set default value regarding the width, height, zoom level and so on when page loading is started. But, I think this is bad method. Thus, I didn't add the codes to this patch so far. 

As mentioned in Jesus Sanchez-Palencia's comment, it seems to me that we can emit signals both with viewport and without viewport. If website doens't contain viewport tag, we can send empty viewport data to application. Then, application can decide if data of viewport is used or not. In this case, application should know default value regarding width, height, userScalable and so on. Or, we can send default values from WebCore/dom when there are no viewport tag.

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