[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 39417] Autoscroll for selection caret should be available on fullscreen view

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Wed Jun 9 19:16:50 PDT 2010


--- Comment #16 from MORITA Hajime <morrita at google.com>  2010-06-09 19:16:48 PST ---
Kasting, Tony, thank you for your feedback, and I'm sorry for my slow response.

> > +    void deflate(int d)
> > +    {
> > +        deflateX(d);
> > +        deflateY(d);
> > +    }
> It seems like instead of adding these, it might be better to use the existing inflate() functions, and 
have IntSize::set{Width,Height}() clamp the minimum size to zero.
Fixed to implement deflate(x) with inflate(-x).

> However, you'd have to make sure we don't actually rely on negative sizes anywhere.  (It seems like a bug if we do.)  Might want to run this idea past Darin Adler.
Agreed. In this case, "inflate" might be just no longer a good name.

(In reply to comment #14)
> > +                setTimeout(afterDragging, 1000);
> Is it possible to avoid this timeout (maybe by using eventSender.leapFoward)?  Is there an event we can get instead?  Or maybe we can poll every 50ms to check for changes?

> Also, is it possible to merge some or all of these tests into the same .html file?

> > +        void setAutoscrollBorderMargin(unsigned value) { m_autoscrollBorderMargin = value; }
> > +        unsigned autoscrollBorderMargin() const { return m_autoscrollBorderMargin; }
> > +
> I don't know if this should be a setting or not.  For example, the minimum drag distances (hysteresis) are hard coded in EventHandler.cpp.  I bet this is a platform specific value.
Agreed. I moved it to ScreenView::m_autoscrollBorderMargin and gave it to
platform specific value. (It's currently only for chromium.) I left its setter for testing purpose.

> >  
> > +    void setautoscrollbordermargin(unsigned);
> > +
> This being in lowercase is probably causing the QT bot to be red.
Oops. fixed.

According to the feedback, the behavior goes stateless, instead of fullscreen-specific.
Although no other browser cares this issue, I think it's worth to care it because
Fullscreen-like usage will grow on more lightweight devices such as netbooks.

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