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> Patch

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> (From update of attachment 57624 [details])
> We haven't yet shown you the wonderful world of script-tests it seems.
> Your long mass of:
> +<script>
> +if (isParserInsertedScriptAsync("async") === true)
> +    writePass("p1");
> +</script>
> Could be fixed by making isParserInsertedScriptAsync work on an iframe (newly created or otherwise), and then using:
> shouldBeTrue("isParserInsertedScriptAsync('async')");
> That will do all the beautiful "PASS", "FAIL" stuff for you.  script-tests are javascript files only.
> You can see lots of examples in LayoutTests looking in the script-tests directory.  Sadly they only work (easily) for .html files, however you can use the scirpt-test scripts (fast/js/resources/js-test-pre.js and -post.js) in any file, including a .svg file.

Thanks for showing me the light. That is so much cleaner!

However, for the HTMLScriptElement test, I went back to actually writing the <script> tags in the source HTML rather than document.writing them. This was for two reasons:
 1 There seems to be a bug with:
        document.write('<script id=foo></scri'+'pt>');
        document.write('<script id=bar></scri'+'pt>');
    The first getElementById('foo') will succeed but the second getElementById('bar') will return NULL. I plan to file a bug and look into that separately. But it is orthogonal to this patch and there is no reason to complicate this LayoutTest with that issue.
 2 It turns out to be fewer lines overall and, IMHO, easier to read.

For the SVGScriptElement test, I just left it as-is because the test case is so simple. Let me know if you think I should try to use script-tests there.

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