[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 38664] Web Inspector: add a "table" method to console, to allow output of tabular data

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Wed Jun 2 04:02:20 PDT 2010


--- Comment #35 from Patrick Mueller <pmuellr at yahoo.com>  2010-06-02 04:02:18 PST ---
I've made a stab at a stand-alone description of console.table(), along with some examples.  I implemented a version of console.table() for the paper, so the examples are "live".  Fun to play with.

I spent more time on the code than the prose (as usual), so that could use some work.

If anyone has changes, additional examples, etc, let me know.  If we want to move the doc somewhere more editable, no problem, just let me know where.


Note that I will probably remove the "index" column label over the first column; it bugs me, but seemed appropriate at the time.

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