[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 39464] QtWebKit::WebCore Win32 does not load HTML5 <video> for Phonon DS9 backend

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Tue Jun 1 13:49:57 PDT 2010


--- Comment #1 from Nikola Trajic <Nikola.Trajic at polycom.com>  2010-06-01 13:49:57 PST ---
Qt\4.6.2\src\network\access new HTML code needs to be ported/integrated into 
Qt\4.6.2\src\3rdparty\webkit\WebCore\platform\network and
Chunked transfer as explained in RFC2616 and implemented in: Qt\4.6.2\src\network\access\QHTTPNetworkRequest*                                                                                                                  /QHTTPNetworkReply*                                                                                                           /QHTTPNetworkConn*                                                                                          /QNetworkAccess(Http)Backend*                                                                                          /QNetworkAccessManager*
requires intergration into C:\Qt\4.6.2\src\3rdparty\webkit\WebCore\platform\network\qt

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