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--- Comment #4 from Sebastian Dröge <slomo at circular-chaos.org>  2010-06-01 11:01:52 PST ---
<slomo> philn-tp: also, the video-sink of playbin2 is not always a GstBin, what you do there is not a good idea
<slomo> philn-tp: create your own bin and use it as video-sink
<slomo> philn-tp: i mean, *always* use your own GstBin as videosink, which has a tee in the beginning and then splits this to the webkit cairo sink and if requested to the fullscreen videosink

The video-sink of playbin2 is not always a GstBin and you really shouldn't do things like that with a bin where you don't know what it is ;)

What you should do is the following:
- create a GstBin, put a tee in there and plug after that the webkit cairo video sink (and queue, ffmpegcolorspace, videoscale)
- If fullscreen is requested, request a new pad from the tee and link your fullscreen stuff to it

*Always* do that, create this video sink bin together with playbin2 and set it as video-sink.

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