[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 27551] Make it possible to build JavaScriptCore as shared library without symbol lists

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> (In reply to comment #50)
> > On the Qt front, I'm just waiting to hear what the best idea would be for handling the issue with moc_XYZ.cpp files not including config.h. 
> The solution to this problem is this:
>    1) Foo.h declares a QObject subclass and has a Q_OBJECT macro
>    2) Foo.cpp implements the class
>    3) The build system runs moc on Foo.h and generates moc_Foo.cpp
>    4) moc_Foo.cpp is compiled separately
> If however you change Foo.cpp to include "moc_Foo.cpp" at the end of the file (see WebKit/qt/Api/qwebpage.cpp for example), then the build system will automatically skip step number 4). That means the moc generated code is compiled as part of Foo.cpp, which has the config.h inclusion at the top of the file.

Thanks, this works fine! Sorry for the late reply, I've been meaning to put up a new patch but I finally got a Windows build linking WebCore and I had to add quite a few more Windows fixes. (A lot of them are related to the current need to build the WTF String .cpp files in each project that uses them.) I've finally sorted those issues out, but now I need to re-test the patch with latest trunk, so hopefully I'll have an updated patch out soon...

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