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--- Comment #27 from Dominic Mazzoni <dmazzoni at google.com>  2010-07-12 23:07:41 PST ---
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> (In reply to comment #25)
> > Broke cr linux.  Also, why do you need .display?  Exposing style/layout 
> > dependent information via the WK API seems really sketchy since there's no way 
> > to know what sort of state layout and style are in (i.e. they both could be 
> > arbitrarily out of date when you call them, no?)
> Good point.  I wonder if the computedStyle() getter forces layout to be updated.

Windows screenreaders want computedStyle.display in order to determine whether a particular element is block or inline. It affects how information is presented to a blind user, and how they navigate the page.

Any suggestions for a good way to access this information in an up-to-date manner? Should I make it part of AccessibilityObject, which seems to have a mechanism for keeping its data in sync?

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