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--- Comment #1 from Mihnea Ovidenie <mihnea at adobe.com>  2010-07-12 08:31:55 PST ---
Debugging a little, i have found that the allocation of m_effectBuffer in FilterEffect::getEffectContext() fails. In the first place, i have thought that the fix for the problem is to add a null check in this function, but then i have realized that the problem appears because in function GraphicsContext::calculateShadowBufferDimensions the kernel size is not limitted at all. The LayoutTest uses a blurRadius = 38005685px, which gives a very bug kernel that is not limitted to 1000 as in GraphicsContext::createPlatformShadow (both from GraphicsContextCairo.cpp). 

* I think the fix should be to limit the kernel size in calculateShadowBufferDimensions the same way it is done in createPlatformShadow

* Taking a look at GraphicsContext::setPlatformShadow() from GraphicsContextCG.cpp, i can see that the blurRadius is clamped to 1000, not the kernel, which in the case of Cairo port (Win/Gtk) is computed to be sqrt(2*blurRadius). Am i missing something here? 

Mihnea Ovidenie

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