[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 41637] Web Inspector: Give Semantics to "Refresh" and "Delete" Buttons in ApplicationCache DataGrid

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--- Comment #10 from Joseph Pecoraro <joepeck at webkit.org>  2010-07-08 20:33:03 PST ---
> It was me that was not clear enough. I said "delete all resources"... sorry, what i should have said
> is "delete all traces" including all database records. That's the behavior we have for the delete function. 
> [...] but really its beyond OBSOLETE, stuff has actually been deleted.

Okay, than I am good with it. I have a minor point, that we should stop downloading resources
if it is in the process of downloading resources. But I think that is a natural assumption.

This appears to be the behavior of WebKit's ApplicationCacheGroup::makeObsolete. It makes the
Group Obsolete, and removes Database entries without even checking for other documents
that may actively be using that ApplicationCache (HTML5 spec seems to make that point). Might
be a bug, or might actually work just fine.

What do you propose the interface for this be? How about:


Where "Something" would be a more descriptive word like, "Associated", "Relevant", "Active",
or "Candidate". The spec doesn't give a technical name to this chosen relevant cache. I thought
an older version used the word candidate:

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