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--- Comment #63 from Michael Nordman <michaeln at google.com>  2010-07-07 12:25:29 PST ---
Hi guys,

I think these patches were somewhat hastily landed. We (Kavita and I) got back from a couple of days off and were surprised to find breaking changes committed.

        115            ApplicationCache* applicationCacheForInspector() const { return applicationCache(); } 

The class ApplicationCache does not exist in the chromium port. Please remove the dependency on that class from ApplicationCacheHost public interface and from InspectorApplicationCacheAgent.

        31    #include "ApplicationCache.h" 
     32    #include "ApplicationCacheResource.h" 

The only loader/appcache files that exist in the chromium port (prior to the introduction of these new inspector classes) are
  DOMApplicationCache .idl .h. cpp
Please remove these dependencies is define the interfaces required by the inspector elsewhere. Our plan was to define those interfaces on ApplicationCacheHost. Alternatively we could provide a chromium specific impl of InspectorApplicationCacheAgent in a chromium specific .cpp file (but that wasn't our first choice).

        46        struct ApplicationCacheInfo { 
     47            ApplicationCacheInfo(const KURL& manifest, const String& creationTime, const String& updateTime, long long size) 
     48                : m_manifest(manifest) 
     49                , m_creationTime(creationTime) 
     50                , m_updateTime(updateTime) 
     51                , m_size(size) 
     52            { 
     53            } 
     55            KURL m_manifest; 
     56            String m_creationTime; 
     57            String m_updateTime; 
     58            long long m_size; 
     59        };

String doesn't seem like the best datatype for the datetime fields.

        1268    WebInspector._addAppCacheDomain = function(domain) 
     1269    { 
     1270        // Eliminate duplicate domains from the list. 
     1271        if (domain in this.applicationCacheDomains) 
     1272            return; 
     1273        this.applicationCacheDomains[domain] = true; 
     1275        if (!this.panels.storage) 
     1276            return; 
     1277        this.panels.storage.addApplicationCache(domain); 
     1278    }

Is the implication that there can only be one appcache for a given domain represented in the list on the right-hand-side?

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