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--- Comment #2 from Andrei Popescu <andreip at google.com>  2010-07-06 10:38:34 PST ---
// Called by the service.
//   virtual void setLastOrientation(double alpha, double beta, double gamma) = 0;

What is this for? The spec doesn't define any concept of cached orientation (unlike Geolocation) so I am not sure what is this used for.

 //    if (!m_webViewImpl->page())
 //      return;
 //    m_webViewImpl->page()->deviceOrientation()->onDeviceOrientationChange(alpha, beta, gamma);
// #endif

Why is just the block of code guarded by the #ifdef. I think the entire file should be guarded.

> explicit WebDeviceOrientationServiceBridgeImpl(DeviceOrientationClientImpl*  deviceOrientationClientImpl);

You should leave out the param name if all it does is to repeat the type name.

One question about the architecture: You have:

DeviceOrientationClientImpl owns a WebDeviceOrientationServiceBridgeImpl object, which has a pointer back to the client and a pointer to a WebDeviceOrientationService instance.

What is the point of the bridge? Why can't the ClientImpl simply own the WebDeviceOrientationService instance?

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