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[IMAGE] WebKit's View in Resources Panel

Pavel a Long Time ago:
> >> page->inspectorController()->willSendRequest(m_currentResourceIdentifier, request, redirectResponse);
> >
> > Pardon my ignorance, but what exactly this loader is loading. Options are:
> > 1) it fetches manifest file
> > 2) it fetches and caches resources in manifest
> > 3) it loads cached resources mentioned in manifest
> Ahh. I actually haven't fully tested this code. My understanding of it is that it is both
> (1) and (2). Initially it is the manifest, and then for each resource specified to be
> fetched in the manifest it goes though here (serially?). You' were right to r- this,
> I actually haven't tested this enough. Specifically I have to test this where I actually
> download a number of files to see how they show up in the Resources Panel.

This is an image showing how this behaves. As resources are requested / downloaded
for application cache, they show up in the ResourcesPanel. This shows a page that is
updating two inner <iframe>s with manifests. This scenario was one where each
<iframe> had cached resources, I just updated both manifests and refreshed.  So all
new resources need to be fetched. I've outlined in:

  blue = normal resources on page load, these are coming from the already cached application cache
  yellow = resources downloaded via the application cache resource downloader

I think this is fine, but as mentioned the actual "Content" isn't hooked up yet. So
clicking on one of these resources only shows you the "Headers" tab.

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