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--- Comment #42 from Michael Nordman <michaeln at google.com>  2010-07-01 18:37:46 PST ---
What is the plan for handling documents with subframes, where each frame in the hierarchy may be associated with a different appcache? How will that be reflected in the UI, and how does the inspector infrastructure differentiate between happenings in different frames? If I understand the inspector UI properly, the intent is to inspect the entire frame hierarchy in the page and they all share the same InspectorController and InspectorFrontend instance... is that right?

I'd like to understand where we're headed along those lines. Consider this condition...

TopLevelDocument --> associated with appcache1
SubFrameDocument1 --> associated with appcache2
SubFrameDocument2 --> not associated with any appcache
SubFrameDocument3 --> associated with appcache1

What does the left-hand-side of the storage tab look like given that condition? I can think of two plausible outcomes, (maybe there's a third option), I just want to know where we're headed...

1) There are 2 appcache icons, one representing appcache1 and the other appcache2. So it lists distinct appcaches in use in the frame hierarchy being inspected. Clicking on an icon shows the resource list and state of that particular cache in the right-hand-side.

2) There are 3 appcache icons, one for each document in the hierarchy that is associated with an appcache. So it lists distinct appcacheHosts that are doing something with an appcache. Clicking on an icon shows the resource list and state of the cache associated with the document  in the right-hand-side.

Also, the frame/document/cache associations are not static. Subframes can come and go. Subframes can be navigated and get a whole new documents. And a document contained within a frame can call swapCache() and end up associated with a different cache.

The database system has some similarity in that multiple documents in the frame hierarchy can have the same database open (or even a single document can have the same database opened multiple times). How is that represented in the inspector?

> After first round of comments, I can combine these 2 patches.
Actually, you should probably be thinking about carving into more, not less, patches. There are bits and pieces that span areas of expertise, carving it up will help to get the right folks to review the relevant bits and pieces.

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