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--- Comment #5 from Robert Hogan <robert at roberthogan.net>  2010-01-24 15:12:23 PST ---
> > +Tests that NPNVprivateModeBool is supported by the WebKit plugin view. This test is for WebKit platforms that wish to support NPNVprivateModeBool but do not wish to implement the preference change listener required to support a cachedPrivateBrowsingEnabled property similar to the one provided by Safari and tested for in private-browsing-mode.html
> I don't understand this part. It seems trivial to implement in
> DumpRenderTree/unix/TestNetscapePlugin/TestNetscapePlugin.cpp. Why not do it
> there instead of this extra test?
> In fact, it seems like a bug right now that the cachedPrivateBrowsingEnabled
> variable isn't initialized in that file, where as it is initialized in
> TestNetscapePlugIn.subproj/main.cpp. Could that be why the test was failing for
> you?

The mac port listens for changes to the users webkit preferences and halts any
netscape plugins currently running if pluginsEnabled has changed to false.
Setting the 'cachedPrivateBrowsingMode' value rides on the coat-tails of this
feature - which Qt doesn't have, and possibly should. I don't think it's
trivial to implement though. So will leave it out of this patch if that's ok?

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