[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 33245] Second right floated image misplacment

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Sun Jan 17 22:30:58 PST 2010


--- Comment #8 from mitz at webkit.org  2010-01-17 22:30:58 PST ---
See bug 19278. When the last line contains a line break, the floats vector for
that line may potentially contain both floats occurring before the line break
and floats occurring after the line break. For example,
<img align="right"><br><img align="right">

Later, during incremental layout, when the line with the line break happens to
be the last clean line, both kinds of floats are “restored”. If the <br>
happens to be clearing, it will try to clear both, although it should not clear
the image that comes after it.

Perhaps the solution is not to put the “after the line break” floats in the
next line box’s floats vector. When there is no next line box, make one.

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