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--- Comment #50 from Aaron Rosenzweig <arosenzweig at clinworx.com>  2010-01-15 08:51:18 PST ---
This is a very serious problem first reported in 2005 and still not fixed in
2010 in Snow Leopard. I understand that it's a problem with the OS level TCP/IP
stack. But seeing as the other team responsible for that library has not
provided a fix in a timely manner it is up to you to work around the issue. Use
your own TCP/IP stack just like Firefox does. Use the stack from Firefox if you
want. Please fix this now for all Mac OS that have Safari 4 (including Tiger).

We have a WebObjects application that we distribute to many customer intranets.
We do not want to be beholden to a brittle Apache configuration that could be
ever changing on their end.

Here are some additional facts for this issue:

1) Safari 3.2.1 and 4.x have the intermittent hang problem when uploading
multipart/mime data to the vanilla Apache 2.2.11 that ships with Snow Leopard

2) If I turn off keepalive in the Apache 2 configuration file "BrowserMatch
Safari nokeepalive" - Safari no longer hangs.

3) When a hang in safari occurs, simply clicking the submit button of the form
a second time always satisfies the issue. But you don't want to have to tell
your users to "click it again if it seems slow". 

4) Safari 3.2.1 and 4.x never hang when uploading multipart/mime data to the
vanila apache 1.3.41 that ships with Tiger client. I double checked the apache
configuration file and it appears that keepalive is left on there by default.

In summary, this issue is just starting to bite us in 2010 because we just
decided to upgrade our development machines to Snow Leopard. Previously we had
been using Tiger and thus bypassed the whole 10.5 OS release. Other people have
been bitten for over five years. You must take matters into your own hands and
fix it in WebKit for the sake of the innocent and loyal Macophiles out there.

For now we have used an elaborate workaround based on other's insight. We use
javascript to fire a dummy form POST on the mousedown event of the submit
button. This dummy action hits a DirectAction on the WebObjects side which
crafts a very special dummy reply to close the http session. Since the session
is closed by the time the javascript event propagation gets to "form.onsubmit"
Safari must renegotiate a clean new http connection with Apache that never
fails to send the multipart-mime data. 

The fact that some issue related to this on is in radar with id = 7077923 does
not make me feel warm and fuzzy. I have no access to that ticket and have no
idea if any progress is being made. What am I supposed to do? make yet another
ticket? I don't think so, that's why I'm posting here, the only place that
makes sense.

At the very least the status of INVALID should be changed to MOVED or WONTFIX.
This is a very real and very serious problem. It doesn't really matter that its
part of the TCP/IP stack that WebKit is using, it's hurting the end users. You
can choose a different TCP/IP stack and solve the problem or give us a way to
pass on critical information to the team responsible for the TCP/IP stack.

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