[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 33542] [Qt] Split the build process in two different .pro files.

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--- Comment #6 from Csaba Osztrogonac <ossy at webkit.org>  2010-01-13 03:04:17 PST ---
Jocelyn, it's a very good and useful patch on the whole.

I tested your patch on linux, and you should only make some minor changes to
work correctly. (I will test it on windows too ASAP.)

qmake processes WebKit.pro after generating sources finished. The directory of
generated sources is WebCore/generated and it make WebKit.pri to add
standalone_package oprion to config, but it shouldn't. (In this way building of
DRT, standalone jsc, ... is disabled)

CONFIG(QTDIR_build): CONFIG += standalone_package
else:exists($$PWD/WebCore/generated): CONFIG += standalone_package

I suggest we should move all generated sources into WebKitBuild directory
instead of into the source tree. It would help to make a clean build simple
with rm -rf WebKitBuild even as now.

With your patch I got 3 touch event layout test failed. It might be caused some
changes in build scripts after your patch. I will find it.

-PASS inner.TouchEvent.isInner is true
-PASS inner.TouchEvent.constructor.isInner is true

-window.TouchEvent [object TouchEventConstructor]
-window.TouchEvent.prototype [printed above as window.Event.prototype]

-PASS TouchEvent.toString() is '[object TouchEventConstructor]'

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