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Fri Feb 19 03:19:06 PST 2010


--- Comment #29 from Tor Arne Vestbø <vestbo at webkit.org>  2010-02-19 03:19:06 PST ---
(In reply to comment #26)
> Ok. Here's the updated patch that I promised.
> It removes the QPainterVideoSurface dependency, as well as dramatically
> simplifying the task of painting video frames.


> We now have support for:
> - Sublime Video HTML5 Player
> > http://jilion.com/sublime/video
> (Note that on OSX, QuickTime requires the entire movie to be buffered before it
> will play. This seems to be specific to some HD movies, including the one used
> on this page.) 

Tested with qt-multimedia-team repo 7e7cbe2152efe47972e11875f008ddb8f0cc78db

Can confirm this works now, but I get a spinning beach ball on OS X while the
movie loads. In chrome the loading is almost instentanious, and in Safari the
load is slower and seems to match the time we spend, but the UI is responsive
and the seek bar is updated with the load progress. Dunno what could be the
cause, just reporting what I'm seeing :)

The seek bare also flickers a lot when you hover over it while the video is
playing. See screenshot. 

Also, when I then move from the sublime-player to http://vimeo.com/8736190, the
video sound keeps playing in the background, so something is not unloaded as it
should it seems.

Anyways, we can investigate these bugs as follow-up patches.

> - Vimeo HTML5
> (I've seen working on OSX. Am yet to test on other backends, but I believe this
> should work.)


> We are still working on support for youtube/html5. Cookies are being sent, but
> our requests still result in 403 Forbidden.
> Investigation is ongoing.


> After realising that using the application pallete didn't work so well for the
> controls on Mac, I went back to the hard coded colours approach.

Looks good now.

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