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--- Comment #25 from Tor Arne Vestbø <vestbo at webkit.org>  2010-02-17 01:00:01 PST ---
(In reply to comment #22)
> (In reply to comment #21)
> > Tested on Mac OS 10.6 with qt-multimedia
> > dc7a0b2842a5866b6248e56d41db0af05f7efbc2:
> Hey there Tor Arne, thanks for taking the time to look this patch over.
> I will say in advance, that I'm working on an updated patch - It should be much
> smaller and elegant, it won't have that QPainterVideoSurface dependency that
> we've added, and it will keep platform specific optimisations in QtMultimedia
> instead of Webkit.

Rock! Can't wait to get this landed :)

> > http://chaos.troll.no/~tavestbo/webkit/mediaelement/ seems to work fine,
> > although sometimes the video view does not seem to be initialized (no resize,
> > and no video blitting, only sound).
> Connection is timing out. I'll try it again later.

Hmm, should be available from the outside. Try anarki internally.

> > http://jilion.com/sublime/video does not work, no video or sound out of the
> > box, but after clicking around the seek bar i managed to get sound and
> > play/pause working, but no video.
> Doesn't work for me either. I'll investigate.

Cool, but as I said, these didn't work before either, so we can do that sort of
bugfixing as follow-up patches too if they appear to require more than trivial

> I've spent quite some time trying to get youtube/html5 to work. I am yet to
> have success, and I am extremely suspicious that youtube is serving only to
> specific user agents.

Hmm, possibly, see Eric's comment about cookies. 

We should probably have a menu in the QtLauncher for changing the user agent
like Safari in dev-mode has, would be useful for testing.

> > http://vimeo.com/8736190 (after clicking "Switch to HTML5 player"), does not
> > seem to load. Stdout:
> > 
> > Building Pixel Buffer visual context 
> > Could not create visual context (PixelBuffer) 
> > QT7MovieRenderer: failed to create visual context 
> > 
> > If i switch HD to off loading and playback with sound but no video seems to
> > work.
> Seems like you may have stumbled over an issue without our QuickTime backend.
> I'll try and investigate. Vimeo has been a difficult one to test, as the flash
> plugin I have on my workstation has a propensity for segfaults when browsing
> Vimeo.

Ah, you can try hacking QtLauncher to disable plugins using QWebSettings while
you investigate (should probably also be an option ;)

Thanks for looking into these issues!

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