[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 34082] [Android] Android Geolocation service should not start if the WebView is paused

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--- Comment #8 from Steve Block <steveblock at google.com>  2010-02-15 15:27:41 PST ---
Thanks for the comments Eric

> (From update of attachment 47927 [details])
> What does it mean for a page to be suspended?  If it only pertains to
> Geolocation that seems a bit odd.  There must already be a concept of
> "suspended" in WebCore?
I don't think there's currently a concept of page suspension in WebCore. Right
now, suspension applies only to Geolocation, though I can imagine that other
APIs might require a similar concept in the future, which is why I used generic
names for the Page methods. The motivation for suspending Geolocation is to
turn off the GPS, which consumes significant power, on mobile devices when the
page is not in the foreground. I added the suspend/pause methods in response to
your earlier comments - did I misinterpret them?

> Are there circumstances in Safari or the iPhone where Geolocation would pause
> or other per-page things would pause?
I'm not familiar with the iPhone Geolocation code, but I imagine that it too
would want to turn off GPS for browser pages not in the foreground. The need is
probably less important on desktop platforms.

> You're also aware that Frames can transfer between pages, right?  iFrames can
> be moved from one window to another as of recently, so if your code should be
> robust against the Page* changing.
Thanks for the heads up. I'll look into this more closely. Perhaps you can look
at the general structure of the change while I check this?

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