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--- Comment #15 from Benjamin Otte <otte at gnome.org>  2010-02-09 07:12:32 PST ---
Some quotes from IRC, where exposing IM contexts came up today:

<Company> webkit-gtk is exposing the im context, too
<Company> because it wants to give developers control over the right-click menu
<Company> and you cannot do that sanely without the im context
<Company> (i think there was another reason, but don't remember it)
<pbor> Company: uh? what does the menu have to do with it?
<Company> pbor: you need to add the im context menu options
<pbor> Company: e.g. textview has a popupmenu signal that you can use to extend
the menu
<Company> pbor: yeah, but you cannot use it to create your own menu in a sane
<mclasen> Company: I can't stop people from doing such things....but in gtk3
the im context is not going to be available...
<mclasen> I don't really see how you need the context at all for that
<mclasen> we do have the id of the current im as a property on the widget now
<Company> mclasen, pbor: https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=33327
* mclasen not impressed
<mclasen> with webkit exposing gtk interna
<Company> mclasen: how would you solve the problem (of having an API for
right-click menus)?
<mclasen> Company: I would start by describing my needs in a gtk bug...
<mclasen> Company: that bug should also explain how the populate-popup signals
are insufficient...

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